The Code and Member Companies

Compliance with the DSA Code of Ethics is a requirement for membership in the Direct Selling Association. All applicants for membership must complete a minimum one-year pending period during which time the company's business plan is reviewed to ensure compliance with all provisions of the Code. After becoming an active member of the association, companies are required to maintain compliance with the Code as a condition of continuing membership.

Company compliance with the Code of Ethics makes a bold statement about that company's commitment to practicing the highest ethics in business. By doing business with a DSA member company, the field salesforce and the ultimate consumer can be sure they are dealing with a company serious about providing quality and service at the highest levels.

Each DSA member company appoints one member of its staff to serve as the Code Responsibility Officer (CRO). This individual is primarily responsible for communicating the tenets of the DSA Code of Ethics to the corporate employees and ensuring that the tenets of the DSA Code of Ethics are communicated to the company's salesforce.

Displaying the DSA logo is a privilege given only to companies that have made the commitment to honor the Code of Ethics required for membership in the association. It should be regarded not only as a pledge to do right, but a promise to make a situation right in the event a problem does arise.

See the complete text of the Code of Ethics